A WebCamp event will be held in Chennai, India on Feb 23rd.

The topic of this workshop will be Web frameworks



Webcamp is happy to have Tim Cloonan as a speaker. Tim, director of Open Source Marketing at JasperSoft, will be sharing some of his experiences when his team switched from a strictly commercial proprietary to commercial open source business and licensing model three years back and eventually went on to become the leading open souce Business Intelligence vendor in the world. He will also be covering a brief overview of JasperReports, iReport, and the rest of the JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite.

We cannot accomodate more than 50 people. We have closed the registerations already. We will be updating this wiki with the presentations and the videos. So don't worry if you have just missed this.


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A number of frameworks are available for developing web applications. Some of the popular ones include Ruby on Rails, django, erlyweb, Spring and also .Net. The most common problem any startup or even few enterprises face is to decide between these frameworks. Few developers have managed to identify the best framework that would suit a given requirement by trying out different ones. Why not share this knowledge with the community so that everyone could get benefited? How about sharing some of the best practices or patterns, that you might have developed out of your experiences?

This is going to be a pure technical event and we are not going to invite any non-technical person at all. We would also organize a moderated debate, where a use case or scenario would be announced and the group would try to arrive at the best framework that would suit the particular purpose. Again very technical with concepts like mnesia, or hibernate or ActiveRecord or whatever being discussed.

And we all know that the size of the devices keep shrinking. Mobiles might overtake the number of computers. Which of these frameworks are mobile ready? Which is the best framework for mobile web apps? If none of the web apps are suiting the purpose, what a typical developer is looking for from these frameworks?

Be ready to answer/find out answers for such questions in this first unconference from India!

Venue & Date

Saturday, Feb 23 2008.
Time: 1:30 pm - 7:30 pm

9/55, Karikalan Street,
Jafferkhanpet, Ashok Nagar,
Chennai, TN, India -600083,

Phone: +91 44 43521306
Map : http://wikimapia.org/3667331/RailsFactory

(Special thanks to Mr. Senthil and his team for offering the space and actively supporting us)


Please add your name here if you are interested in presenting at this unconference. See also presentations tagged with "webcamp" on SlideShare. One request: we would like to have the talks to be as technical as possible. Hence if you are representing a company, please plan your talks accordingly.

  • Name Topic (Blog) - Time
  • Introduction - 1:30 pm - 1:45 pm
  • Tim Cloonan "JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite" (Company) - 1:50 pm - 2:20 pm (Tentitive)
  • Senthil "Ruby on Rails" - 2:25 pm - 2:55 pm
  • Prabhu Subramanian "Grooving with grails" (Blog) - 3:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Break, Hands on session for Rails, Grails - 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm

  • Vaidhy "Easy MVC with Flex" - 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm
  • KG "Building mulitilingual sites with django" - 4:35 pm - 5:05 pm
  • Sudar "Client-side frameworks like jQuery" (Blog) (Slides) - 5:10 pm - 5:30 pm

Break, Hands on sessions with Flex, django - 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm

  • Varun "Rapid Application Development with Cakephp" (Blog) - 6:20 pm - 6:45 pm

Technical discussions/ Networking - 6:45 pm - 7:30 pm


  1. Prabhu Subramanian (Blog)


JasperSoft is the market leader in open source business intelligence (BI). With more than 2.5 million downloads worldwide and more than 7,000 commercial customers in 91 countries, JasperSoft offers the most widely used open source business intelligence software in the world.


  1. Prabhu Subramanian (Blog)
  2. Siddharta Govindaraj (Blog)
  3. Pariuri sportive (Pariuri sportive)
  4. Bhasker V Kode
  5. Miere Albine (propolis natural)
  6. Srivatsan Ravi
  7. Senthil Nagayam (Company)
  8. Componente Calculatoare (Componente Calculatoare)
  9. Srinivasan R (Blog) diet pills
  10. Pariuri Sportive (Bet Explorer)
  11. Vaidhy
  12. Vamsi
  13. VinodKumar S (Blog)
  14. Sundaresan L (miere de mana)
  15. Sudar (Blog)
  16. Varun (Blog)
  17. Dhinesh (Blog)
  18. Chandramohan.P (Blog)
  19. Padmanabhan.R.A (Paddy)
  20. Pariuri sportive (Pariuri sportive)
  21. Arunkumar B (Blog)
  22. Abirami S
  23. Sivaprakasam B
  24. Sathishkumar(Mobile-Worx)
  25. Roshna PA (masina )
  26. krishnaveni
  27. Gobinath Elangovan
  28. Jayan Muralidharan(Blog)
  29. Dinesh Uthayakumar([http://techydinesh.wordpress.com])
  30. Kenneth Gonsalves ([http://nrcfosshelpline.in/web/])
  31. Kamal (piese dacia)
  32. Mansi Baranwal
  33. Vaibhav Sharma
  34. Balaji Lakshmanan ([http://balajilakshmanan.com])
  35. Syed Nazir Razik (Blog )
  36. Rajasubramanian K (auto dealers )
  37. Venkat
  38. Vasanth (Blog)
  39. # Imprimante sh (Imprimante sh)
  40. Ganesh APP (Blog) adipex
  41. Vicky
  42. Ahmad
  43. Senthil Kumar R (Dewgro)
  44. Ajith R (Dewgro)
  45. Kathiravan M (Dewgro)
  46. Aswin Anand (http://blog.aswinanand.com/)
  47. Akshay Dhavle (Blog)
  48. Gavri Fernandez
  49. Prakash Subramaniam (ThoughtWorks)
  50. Rajesh Segu ( www.zimbra.com , rajesh[dot]segu[at]gmail[dot]com)
  51. Satheesh Babu k (Yiktik)
  52. Clasamente Fotbal (Statistici Pariuri)
  53. Swamynathan G (Yiktik)
  54. Emerith Marelnis (auto electrice)
  55. Deepak PU Excelacom
  56. Muthukumar S Excelacom
  57. Sri Prasanna
  58. Ramesh (http://ramesh-rubyonrails.blogspot.com/)
  59. Albert Rex
  60. Lawrence Leyton(motivational speaker)
  61. Arumugam(http://www.abture.in)
  62. Arvind U (Dewgro)
  63. IndianDrives (IndianDrives)
  64. Tech Reviews (Tech Reviews)

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