The first WebCamp event will be held at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway on the 7th March 2007.

The topic of this event will be social networks. There will be talks in the morning and breakout sessions in the afternoon.



Valdis Krebs is a management consultant, researcher, trainer, author, and the developer of InFlow software for social and organisational network analysis (SNA/ONA).

InFlow maps and measures knowledge exchange, information flow, emergent communities, networks of alliances and other connections within and between organisations and communities.

Since 1988, Valdis has participated in almost 500 SNA/ONA projects.

His clients have ranged from IBM to Shell, and his work has been covered in major media from Business Week to the New York Times.


Jill Freyne is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Computer Science in University College Dublin.

She received her PhD and BSc degrees from UCD, and worked as part of the I-SPY research project which was funded by Enterprise Ireland.

Dr. Freyne specialises in the area of social search, and also has research interests in personalisation, social networks, web search and folksonomies.


Conor Hayes is a senior researcher at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute at NUI Galway.

He previously worked at the Centre for Scientific and Technological Research (ITC-IRST) in Italy.

Dr. Hayes’ interests include online recommender and advisory systems, case-based reasoning, collaborative filtering, user profiling, knowledge discovery in databases, information retrieval and machine learning systems, and trend discovery in online communities (such as the online music or blog domains).


Andrew Page is co-creator of Bigulo, an enhanced search and rating system for users of social networking services (such as Bebo).

He works as a PhD scholar in the Department of Computer Science, NUI Maynooth and is an expert on distributed computing and social networks.

Andrew is replacing co-founder of Bigulo, Des Traynor, who was unable to present today.


Gabriela Avram is a blogger, researcher, and educator, currently working at the Interaction Design Center in the University of Limerick.

She is involved in a major project at UL on globally-distributed software development.

Dr. Avram's research interests include social software, online communities, blogging in corporate environments, knowledge-based systems, learning elements in education, and open source communities.


Mark Tarbatt is the managing director of Generator, which promotes Internet advertising and sponsorship opportunities to clients and their agencies on behalf of a select number of publishers.

Through his work with leading brands such as Coca Cola and Disney, Mark has delivered some very successful campaigns on the popular social networking site Bebo.

Mark previously worked with Hoson Publishing, with / rondomondo, and he has served on the board of the Irish Internet Association, the Advertising Press Club of Ireland, and is a founder member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau in Ireland.


This is provisional, however the keynote talk from Valdis Krebs will remain at 12:10 to accommodate visitors from Dublin / Cork. We will upload videos of the talks (subject to the presenters' permissions) shortly.

All presentation slides are now available at SlideShare.

10:00 10:10 John Breslin Introduction / overview Slides
10:10 10:35 Conor Hayes "Topics, tags and trends in the blogosphere" Slides
10:35 11:00 Jill Freyne "Collecting community wisdom: integrating social search and social navigation" Slides
11:00 11:25 Andrew Page "The demand for search in a social network" Slides
11:25 11:50 Gabriela Avram "Where is the knowledge: reflections on social networking in corporate environments" Slides
11:50 12:15 Mark Tarbatt "Successful campaigns on the Bebo social network" Slides
12:15 13:10 Valdis Krebs Keynote Talk: "Social network analysis: 1987-2007" Slides
13:10 14:10 Lunch
14:10 15:40 Breakout sessions
15:40 16:10 Session summaries
16:10 16:20 Summaries / Close


There will be open-access wireless available on the day. The DERI Café is open from 9 AM to 4 PM on the ground floor, and serves breakfast (9 to 11 AM), coffee, sandwiches and hot meals during lunch hours.


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You can view the location map for DERI, or get more information on our DERI contact page.




Thanks for attending. Please add your contact information to the wiki so that other participants can contact you.

  1. Gareth Stack (Blog | Notes on Webcamp)
  2. Uldis Bojars (DERI) (Weblog | Contact information)
  3. John Breslin (DERI) (Blog | Contact)
  4. Conor Hayes (DERI)
  5. Des Traynor (NUI Maynooth)
  6. Andrew Page (NUI Maynooth)
  7. Valdis Krebs (
  8. Ed Curry (DERI)
  9. Vassilios Peristeras (DERI)
  10. Sebastian Kruk (DERI)
  11. Smitashree Choudhury (DERI)
  12. Ina O' Murchu (DERI)
  13. Knud Möller (DERI)
  14. Sheila Kinsella (DERI)
  15. Peyman Nasirifard (DERI)
  16. Jill Freyne (UCD)
  17. Karen Church (UCD) (Contact)
  18. Oisin Boydell (UCD)
  19. Martin Halvey (UCD)
  20. Yanfen Hao (UCD)
  21. Cristina Butnariu (UCD)
  22. JB Terrins (NUI Galway Alumni Office)
  23. Emma Goode (NUI Galway Alumni Office)
  24. Nikos Loutas (DERI)
  25. Tom Heath (KMi, Open University, UK)
  26. Gabriela Avram (UL)
  27. Brian O'Donovan (IBM)
  28. Liga Besere
  29. James Cooley (CoolReason)
  30. Stephane Corlosquet
  31. Sebastian Schaffert (Salzburg Research)
  32. Eoin Whelan (CISC, NUI Galway)
  33. Colm O'hEocha (Fidelity R&D)
  34. Ashling Cunningham (NUI Galway)
  35. HakLae Kim (DERI Galway)
  36. Suk-Hyung Hwang (DERI Galway)
  37. Josephine Griffith (IT Dept., NUI, Galway)
  38. Barry Smyth (UCD)
  39. Peter Briggs (UCD)
  40. Peter Brusilovsky (University of Pittsburgh)
  41. Seaghan Moriarty ( [PM only]
  42. Symeon Charalabides (IT Dept., NUI, Galway)
  43. Simon Rees (Idiro Technologies)
  44. Tom Raftery (Tom Raftery IT)
  45. Richard Moyles (
  46. Adam Gzella (DERI Galway)
  47. Maciej Dąbrowski (DERI Galway)
  48. Tomasz Woroniecki (DERI Galway)
  49. Jacek Jankowski (DERI Galway)
  50. Marc Butterly (createandinnovate)
  51. Lawrence Leyton(motivational speaker)
  52. Colm Ó hEocha (Fidelity Investments)
  53. Sean Ó Riain (DERI)
  54. Giovanni Tummarello (DERI)
  55. Axel Polleres (DERI)
  56. Andreas Harth (DERI)
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