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See also this from Jure.

Adoption challenges (for social network portability) and ways for solving them

Is it how to help users adopt new social tools AND/OR how to get companies to adopt data portability

Referencing vs. copying

Paddy talked about this. 40-50% of MySpace photos were from Photobucket, so they bought them out (good for MySpace, but is it good for the users?).

Is data portability referencing something in one place or copying from one place to another.

Why make data available?

Service: "our precious data", why should we make it available - well, reuse makes your service more valuable.

User data rights

Stephanie asked are you always a "dictator to your content", e.g. if you decide to delete your blog and other's comments (or your message board entries), this has an effect on the community (lack of respect for others).

"Because effect"

We have been focusing on content and data, but people can make money not just with data (via ads) but because of it (e.g., become respected and this leads to other things).

Who can force this

Why would SNSs work with each other? Facebook to MySpace to Bebo. Users can force it. Example given on the Amnesty application on Facebook from Jure.
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