Thanks to everyone who attended the event yesterday. I hope that you found it interesting and enjoyable.

In particular I’d like to thank the speakers. The talks were very insightful and I think we managed to cover a wide range of topics related to the Mobile Internet yesterday.

If you have any comments/questions for the speakers or on the event in general, please post them to the event blog: http://emergingmobileinternet.blogspot.com


The second WebCamp event will be hosted by the Adaptive Information Cluster in University College Dublin on the 17th of May 2007. The topic of the event is the Emerging Mobile Internet. The Mobile Internet offers anytime, anywhere access to a wealth of information, services and applications to millions of users across the globe. At present there are over 2.6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide and the number of mobile users continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. Many observers are hailing the mobile phone as the device of the future and it is likely that mobile handsets will soon come to dominate as the primary mode of Internet access.

The objective of this WebCamp is to bring together researchers and industry specialists from within the mobile sector to share ideas, discuss state-of-the-art within the mobile space and outline future directions for Mobile Internet Access.

Topics of interest to this WebCamp include:

  • Mobile Internet applications
  • Mobile search & browsing
  • Behavioural studies/analysis of Mobile Web usage
  • Challenges of the Mobile Internet
  • HCI on the Mobile Internet
  • Usability of mobile devices and services
  • User interfaces for mobile devices
  • Improving / enhancing content, infrastructure and billing models
  • Mobile Web 2.0
  • Content authoring/user generated content from mobile devices



Gøran B. Aasen is Head of Sales in Alatto Technologies Ltd. Gøran has over 17 years global Sales and Sales Management experience including companies such as Ericsson, Oracle and IBM.

Gøran has strong expertise in bringing emerging software application technology to the global market. Prior to joining Alatto he worked as Global Account Manager for Ericsson. Gøran has spoken widely on areas related to emerging mobile behaviour and mobile technology on over 30 occasions across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Alatto provides Mobile Operators with the unique and innovative Tribes product that delivers immediate ARPU increase thru higher data traffic, higher onportal content sales and increased service loyalty. Tribes enables mobile users to easily discover on and off portal content services through an intuitive and positive user experience on their mobile phone using our unique mobile browser.


Dr. Keith Bradley works in the innovation team in ChangingWorlds which brings new research and technologies onto the product roadmap. ChangingWorlds is the market-leading provider of advanced intelligent personalization solutions for the mobile internet.

Keith previously worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Computer Science in University College Dublin (UCD). He received his PhD and BSc degrees from UCD, and worked as part of the I-SPY and CASPER research projects.

Keith specializes in the area of personalized search, and also has research interests in social networks, web search and recommender systems.


Frederic Herrera is Programme Manager for the National Digital Research Centre (NDRC). His role is to manage research programmes and develop relevant relationships. NDRC is located in the Digital Exchange, Dublin 8.

Between 2004 and 2007, Frederic managed Create, a business training and clustering programme for digital media SMEs located in the Digital Hub and in the Institute of Arts, Design & Technology campus Incubator Media Cube. Frederic has also been involved in commercialising research in audio-visual processing and in evaluating R&D projects in digital content at EU level.

Frederic has a MSc in EU Business Law and Business Administration from Lund University, Sweden.


Colm Kennedy is Senior VP Corporate Development at NewBay Software. NewBay. Colm brings over 15 years software project delivery experience to the role. Prior to joining NewBay, Colm was co-founder and Managing Partner in Compisol, a Deloitte Fast 50 professional services firm focused in financial services applications including Ireland's first online stock trading solution. Previously, Colm held senior positions in leading IT companies including Intel and Ebeon.

Colm has published numerous engineering papers on a range of topics including 'Chaos Theory'. Colm holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from UCD, Master in Science from DIT and MBA from Smurfit Business School (UCD) and MIEI.


Hélène Haughney is CEO of Nubiq Ltd which is a Campus Company from the TSSG at Waterford Institute of Technology.

Hélène previously worked for Aldision and continued to work with the company after it was acquired by Logica. Subsequently, she worked for Waterford Technologies and has run her own consultancy business whereby she worked with Hewlett Packard, SUN, Cisco andLogicaCMG.

Nubiq develops software solutions that enable communities to use mobile technology in their business and social lives. At Nubiq they believe that everyone should be able to benefit from the latest that technology has to offer offers - so they build innovative and accessible products such as Mobile Web Search and discovery, Mobile Web personalization and Mobile Marketing.


Steven Strachan is a postdoctoral researcher in the Dynamics and Interaction group at the Hamilton Institute, National University of Ireland Maynooth. He received his PhD titled, "Multimodal, Embodied and Location-Aware Interaction" from NUI Maynooth and BSc from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Glasgow.

The Hamilton Institute in NUI, Maynooth is a multi-disciplinary research centre formally established in 2001. The Institute seeks to provide a bridge between mathematics and its applications in ICT and biology.


Mícheál Ó Foghlú is the Research Director of the Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) in Waterford Institute of Technology.

The TSSG has around 50 basic and applied researchers and around 50 pre-product research and development staff, creating a unique dynamic research and commercialisation environment. Since 1996 the TSSG has led and collaborated in over 80 funded research projects, over half of which currently active. Twelve of these were EU IST FP6 projects, the largest engagement of any Irish research centre.

Mícheál's specific research interests are in next generation Internet, in particular IPv6 security and mobility and also in the use of semantics in autonomic network and service management.


Kieran Mahon is the Media Development Manager for Vodafone Ireland. He is responsibe for the strategic development of Vodafone Ireland’s Multimedia consumer propositions. Since joining Vodafone, Kieran has developed numerous innovations in wireless consumer propositions. One of these propositions was the development of the worlds first Artificial Intelligence powered wireless portal (SmartMenu TM). This enabled the faster delivery of ‘targeted and personalised’ content, which resulted in dramatic increase in the demand for wireless services.

Prior to joining Vodafone, Kieran was the Technical Director of the Irish Government’s Program in Advanced Technology for Multimedia. He ran a technology awareness campaign targeted at Irish Industry, to help grow an indigenous Irish New Media industry and acted as Technical Adviser to Irish Government and EU on Multimedia Strategies.


Karen Church is a PhD scholar at the School of Computer Science & Informatics in University College Dublin. Karen's research focus is the Mobile Internet and in particular emerging Mobile Search behaviour.

Karen works as part of a research group called the Adaptive Information Cluster (AIC). The Adaptive Information Cluster (AIC) is a cross-disciplinary research centre focused on integrating research on adaptive sensor networks, content extraction, adaptive utilization and adaptive middleware. The cluster brings together researchers in University College Dublin and Dublin City University.

Karen's research interests include Mobile Web and Mobile Search, Web Search and IR, personalisation and intelligent user interfaces.


Ronan Cremin leads developer initiatives within dotMobi, the registry for the mobile-specific Top Level Domain, .mobi. He focuses on facilitating cooperation between the developer communities of the leading mobile players (device manufacturers, mobile operators and application and content developers) to identify open standards applicable to content and data services. These standards are then codified as developer handbooks for the .mobi domain to ensure a better and more predictable user experience in accessing content and data services, regardless of operator, device or platform.

Ronan represents dotMobi at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and has used this work as the basis for launching the dotMobi Developer's Guide for Web Browsing.

He brings 12 years of product management and development experience from the mobile and Internet sectors in leading markets such as Japan with NTT DoCoMo, Europe with Vodafone, 3 and Orange, and the United States with AOL. Prior to joining dotMobi, he focused on product management in the mobile application sector at Valista, leading the development of the mobile payment product. He also served in product management roles for both email and data products at Isocor (now Critical Path).

Ronan holds a Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering and resides in Dublin.

Event Blog

An Emerging Mobile Internet Blog has been set up to discuss today's event, it can be found at http://emergingmobileinternet.blogspot.com/

Happy Blogging !


Most of the presentation slides are now available at SlideShare. The rest will be uploaded shortly.

Time Event Speaker Title Slides
08:45 Registration
09:15 Welcome/opening Karen Church Slides
09:30 Talk 1 Keith Bradley, ChangingWorlds "Mobile Innovation at ChangingWorlds" Slides
10:00 Talk 2 Gøran B. Aasen, Alatto Technologies "TRIBES - Mobile Internet Made Easy" Slides
10:30 Talk 3 Kieran Mahon, Vodafone IRL "The Emerging Mobile Internet from an Operators Perspective" Slides
11:00 Coffee Break
11:15 Talk 4 Karen Church, AIC/UCD "A Large-Scale Study of European Mobile Information Access" Slides
11:45 Talk 5 Steven Strachan, The Hamilton Institute "Dynamics and Mobile Interaction" Slides
12:15 Talk 6 Mícheál Ó Foghlú, TSSG/WIT "TSSG: Researching the Mobile Internet" Slides
12:45 Talk 7 Frederic Herrera, NDRC "Mobile Media: R&D Trends and User-Oriented Developments "
13:15 Lunch
14:15 Talk 8 Helene Haughney, Nubiq "Our Mobile Web Experiences " Slides
14:45 Talk 9 Colm Kennedy, NewBay
15:15 Talk 10 Ronan Cremin, dotMobi "dotMobi and Mobile Web Developer Tools"
15:45 Short Break
16:00 Breakout Sessions
17:00 Close


The event will be held in the Computer Science department in UCD. Below is a link to a map of the UCD campus. Computer Science is building number 22 on the map. The map also shows the location of available car parks on campus.

UCD Belfield Campus Map


Internet Access

We hope to provide open wireless access on the day. Full details will be provided when you arrive.


We will have a coffee break in the morning (11 AM) where we will provide tea/coffee/biscuits to all attendees.

We have reserved a section of a campus restaurant for lunch. The Elements restaurant is located in the Science block of UCD and is open from 8:30 AM to 4 PM. It serves serves breakfast, coffee, sandwiches and hot meals during lunch hours.

Other nearby options include O'Briens Sandwiches in the Helath Science Building and Insomnia Cafe in the Conway Institute

See Map of refreshment options


The following table includes some travel information. More details can be found on Bus Éireann and Iarnród Éireann.

Origin Destination Mode Departs Arrives More
Belfast Dublin Train 06:50 09:05 Timetable
Belfast Dublin Bus 06:00 08:40 Timetable
Cork Dublin Train 05:15 08:25 Timetable
Cork Dublin Train 06:30 09:15 Timetable
Galway Dublin Train 05:20 08:10 Timetable
Galway Dublin Bus 06:00 09:15 Timetable
Limerick Dublin Train 05:35 08:00 Timetable
Limerick Dublin Train 06:35 09:05 Timetable
Waterford Dublin Train 06:10 08:45 Timetable
Waterford Dublin Bus 05:45 08:45 Timetable
Dublin Belfast Train 19:00 21:10 Timetable
Dublin Belfast Bus 18:00 20:55 Timetable
Dublin Cork Train 18:00 20:52 Timetable
Dublin Cork Train 19:00 21:55 Timetable
Dublin Galway Train 17:50 20:31 Timetable
Dublin Galway Bus 18:00 21:12 Timetable
Dublin Limerick Train 18:00 ….. Timetable
Dublin Limerick Train 18:40 ….. Timetable
Dublin Waterford Train 18:25 20:56 Timetable
Dublin Waterford Bus 18:00 20:55 Timetable


For those who require accommodation for the event we recommend 3 local hotels

The Montrose hotel (3*) which is a 3 minute walk from UCD. It offers rooms from €125 per night.

The Stillorgan Park hotel (4*) which is 1 mile (20 minute walk or short bus ride) from UCD. It offers rooms from €109 per night.

The Radisson St Helen's Hotel (5*) which is a 10 minute walk from UCD. It offers rooms from €155 per night.


In order to estimate attendence numbers we ask that if you plan on attending the event that you enter your details below or contact us directly and we'll add you to the list.

  1. Rory Lawton - Google
  2. Tim Ganley
  3. Barry Smyth - AIC, UCD
  4. Karen Church - AIC, UCD
  5. Keith Bradley - !ChangingWorlds
  6. Hélène Haughney - Nubiq
  7. Grace O'Dwyer - Nubiq
  8. Eileen Dillon - Nubiq
  9. Ina O'Murchu - DERI, NUI Galway
  10. Steven Strachan - The Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth
  11. James Reilly - AIC, UCD
  12. Michael O'Mahoney - AIC, UCD
  13. Peter Briggs - AIC, UCD
  14. Conor Hayes - DERI, NUI Galway
  15. Frederic Herrera, National Digital Research Centre
  16. Martin Halvey - AIC, UCD
  17. Mícheál Ó Foghlú - TSSG, WIT
  18. Peter Corkery - Xiam Interactive Ltd.
  19. Patrick Marshall - NUI Maynooth
  20. Oisin Boydell - AIC, UCD
  21. Maurice Coyle - AIC, UCD
  22. Gøran B. Aasen - Alatto
  23. Mark Matthews - Trinity College
  24. Rob Quigley - UCD
  25. Barry Gildea - Trinity College
  26. Ronan Cremin - dotMobi
  27. Niall Roche - !MobileAware
  28. Caroline Kelly - WIT
  29. Ciara Cawley - WIT
  30. Kieran Mahon - Vodafone Ireland
  31. Paul Kiersey - Vodafone Ireland
  32. Colm Kennedy - !NewBay Software
  33. Rachael Holt - HEAnet
  34. Kevin Dermody - HEAnet
  35. Barry Lavelle - AIC/CDVP, DCU
  36. Seung-Bum Lee - PEL & CDVP, DCU
  37. Daragh Byrne - AIC/CDVP, DCU
  38. Dan Grigoras - UCC
  39. Colm O'hEocha - Fidelity Investments
  40. Srdjan Krco - LM Ericsson Ireland
  41. Sandra Collins - LM Ericsson Ireland
  42. Alan Leddy - IDA Ireland
  43. Eamon Hession - Púca
  44. Declan Lawlor - Nubiq
  45. Aubrey Bourke - Olcotec
  46. Caroline Gill - NovaUCD
  47. Paschal Nee - Mobile Travel Technologies
  48. David Doherty - 3G Doctor
  49. Manuela Pfeifer - Google
  50. Derek Bridge - UCC
  51. Edwin Salomons - S3
  52. Steve Flinter - SFI

Mobile WebCamp Site

Thanks to Grace O'Dwyer in Nubiq, we now have a mobile WebCamp site up and running: http://webcamp.zinadoo.mobi

You can view it via your phone using the url above or you can view it using an emulator by clicking here

The mobile site allows users to view the event details and email us (the organizers) from the site if they wish to be added to the attendee list. So hopefully, we get some attendees signing up the 'mobile' way!

Further Details

For more information please contact the event organizers directly: Karen Church ( ei.dcu|hcruhc.nerak#ei.dcu|hcruhc.nerak ) and Jill Freyne ( ei.dcu|enyerf.llij#ei.dcu|enyerf.llij ).

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