Mastiff Tech Pvt Ltd

Mastiff Tech is a Mumbai based consulting and development service provider in consumer Internet product domain. Mastiff is founded by two IIT Kanpur graduates. Under the strong management and visionary board company is growing fast. Company’s primary focus is into Online Media, Online Travel, Online Retails and social networking space. Having gained immense experience in different areas and developed a thorough understanding of the Consumer Internet market, Mastiff team helps clients from concept to market lifecycle for their product. Company’s unique approach supported by the domain knowledge maintains client’s ROI with high success rate and reduces time to market.

Facts about Mastiff

* Located in Mumbai, having 10000 sq ft office with world class amenities.
* Strong young team comprised of Internet savvy people from IIT and NIT
* Vast knowledge of Consumer Internet scalable Product development
* Strong experience in WEB 2.0 standards
* Expertise in Microsoft.NET, J2EE and Lamp (PHP, ROR) technologies
* Agile model for product development and delivery
* Strong Approach towards quality ensuring world class product delivery
* Use of modern techniques for development and testing
* A good client list from across the globe for successful Product Implementation
* Green Company: Aiming to reduce use 90% of paper by 2009, conserving energy.

Why Mastiff?

Mastiff proposes some unique propositions to its clients.

Today Small is Big: By keeping operations small, passionate and focused

* you get our complete attention and a delightful service
* we become a seamless extension to your product team
* we keep deliveries quick and agile

Sky is the Limit: It's not a fad. Thinking progressive and big

* helps you avail from us the best, latest and frontier technologies and ideas
* helps us keep an open mind to evolution and change, even if you don’t ask for change

Creativity first: Sports Tickets Our idea of consultancy and design
If we propose something, there is a fat chance we have tried it before and it will work. We constantly base our solutions on real world experiences. Our approach towards design is not just how things will look, but also how they will work. We start from what is the desired user experience and work backwards.

Niche to the core Cotto vs Margarito Tickets
Companies offering offshore product engineering (OPD) services these days cater to product companies in all verticals. We are niche and focus on product companies that use web as a platform, including online media, content sharing, e-commerce, Online Travel, search and social networking. The choice was intentional but it has also developed historically. We started with web projects and our partners loved our work and decided to stay on. Over time, being niche has not only helped us focus and hence, deepen the domain knowledge of web businesses, it has also brought on board people who are passionate about the web and virtually live in it.


Mastiff Tech’s vision is to be the top company for Outsourced Product Development in Consumer Internet Product domain.


Complete Client Satisfaction by delivering client-focused solutions through our world-class application development capabilities. A fun filled environment for employees with employee satisfaction to the fullest.


* Smart people We embrace positive attitude willing to do things differently, adapt to new ways of working and accustomed to open-friendly environment. Smart people + good tools + information = profit
* Innovative We foster a culture of innovation with creative solutions to go “above and beyond” for our clients, business partners and team.
* Committed We make commitments with care, and then live up to them. In all things, we do, we say we are going to do.
* Socially responsible We play an active role in enhancing the quality of life both personally and in our community believing it’s important to give back to the communities in which we work and live around the globe.
* Competition We love to compete, and we believe that competition brings out the best in us by setting high standards.
* Integrity and Ethics We communicate with integrity and our actions are based on ethical principles.
* Overall Value creation over all value creation drives profitable and sustainable growth, it’s a challenge to develop and sustain a uniquely attractive proposition for both customers and employees.
* Partner in success We comprehend the Golden rule “Partner in Success” providing attractive returns to our Clients, reinvestment in our business, providing growth opportunities for our customers, and associates/team

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